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Writing update 1: mid-December is a stupid time to start something new,

Dear the Internet, My mother used to say “if you want something done, give it to a busy person.” I think she may have been referring specifically to having people killed, but in any case: I have taken on the … Continue reading

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An exciting and not at all overdue attempt to make a “proper” “web” “site”

Dear the Internet, Welcome to MY EXCITING NEW SITE THAT’S VERY EXCITING. Nothing’s here yet, so in the meantime go to my ACTUALLY FAR MORE EXCITING SITE UNTIL I GET AROUND TO PUTTING THINGS UP HERE. It’ll happen, honest. Yours … Continue reading

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Here’s the Thing: Why it’s your ABC

Originally published at TheVine, 2 December 2013 What’s the ABC actually for? Glad you asked! As you’re no doubt aware, the government is slashing funding to the ABC. You know, just like they promised they’d do the night before the … Continue reading

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