Writing update #2: January’s not a walk in the park for doing things either

Dear the Internet,

…And this has been a frantic couple of weeks as well. Cover story on Neil Young for Australian Guitar, some film reviews for the Sunday Telegraph, and some other things.


I’m told this is pretty fun.

Like what, you may justifiably ask?

Like the Five Worst Songs of 2012 for TheVine,  interviews with Grizzly Bear and Cold Chisel at the Guardian, for whom I also did a thing about Australia’s disproportionate love for Pink, and this opinion piece on Cory Bernardi and what’s probably about to become a hideous culture war over abortion.

Time Out’s got a load of stuff, including an interview with Clutch, memories of the Abercrombie Hotel, the new ride at Luna Park and a review of Amanda Palmer at the Sydney Festival (and also a less glowing one of Scotch and Soda), plus a bunch of columny things like Seven Tips for Recreating a Big NYE Night Out At Home and possibly the silliest thing I’ve ever written: Your 2014 By The Stars. Nice gif though, thanks to Tom Hislop.

And, of course, 10 Things at TheVine. Last week looked rather like this:

A shitload of Sydney Festival pieces will be tumbling in for Time Out over the coming weeks, and hopefully some other things as well as soon as I can free up the bit of my brain full of Arrested Development quotes – the reason for which is below.

See, I’ve been doing some of those other fun things I occasionally do, like being snarky on ABC radio, hosting an Arrested Development trivia night at GoodGod – should really write those questions, now I think about it – and got to work out a set and a suitable costume for DJing at a roller disco. Yes. Living the life.

Some sleep would be nice.

And remember: there’s always money in the banana stand.

Love always,


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