May as well do a little update on Things What I’ve Written Lately

Morning, internet. You’re looking spiffy.

So, I’m into my final week before going 100% freelance and feeling inexplicably good about it. I’m getting very suspicious about it – like maybe I know something I don’t.

This is what Google Images came up with when I searched for "optimism". Way to go, Google Images

This is what Google Images came up with when I searched for “optimism”. Way to go, Google Images!

I’ve been at Time Out Sydney since 2008 and much as I love the place, I’m feeling like it’s time to do some different stuff. Which, thankfully, includes still writing for Time Out.

In fact, in the next issues I’ve got an interview with former PM Malcolm Fraser, for which I’ll put the full transcribe here because it is genuinely fascinating, an interview with Angus & Julia Stone, a history of Redfern’s The Block and various bits in our Redfern cover feature, and a run down of new comedy rooms. So, y’know, there’s still plenty of me in the thing.

I’ve also done a couple of Time Out blog things, like being snarky about Robin Thicke and being snarky about Monty Python. Sorry.


This was #2. Might be a little more accurate.

Aside from that I’m doing more and more at the SMH, including this piece on apps to act as your external late-night consciencean interview with Angie Milliken, and a thing on Giant Dwarf. And a bunch of reviews of The Voice, but those probably don’t need to be captured for posterity.

I’m a bit proud of my first piece for the King’s Tribune: Scott Morrison and the Conveniently Comforting Doctrine of Predestination, aka “how can our immigration minister possibly live with himself?”

For the Guardian I’ve explained why ‘Don’t Change’ is INXS’s first knock-down classic single, and why politicians always wear RM Williams boots.

At Fasterlouder I talked with Rob Hirst about a possible Midnight Oil reunion, and done a run down on the most underrated Australian songs ever.

And, of course, there’s 10 Things at the Vine, which look like this:

…and there’s print-only stuff in Australian Guitar and a film review for Rio 2 floating around somewhere in the News Ltd-o-sphere. So yeah, it’s been a busy little July so far. Hopefully it’ll keep being busy because heck, I’m going to need it to be.

Yours ever,


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