Just a little heads-up

Morning. You’re looking well.

I just wanted to flag that there’s a thing up at my “other” site, Songs You Should Rediscover Today Because They Are Awesome, all about France Gall’s ‘Laisee Tomber les Filles’.

Speaking of which, I now also have a public Facebook page, which you can go be at if you want. No pressure.

But hey, while I’m here: here’s me talking about Utopia in the SMH, and here’s me being snarky about “Cost Per Orgasm”, a concept beloved by the adorable jerks in the MRA/pickup artist community, and  this week’s 10 Things at TheVine round up is at the end of this post because dammit, I get up at 5am to write the thing and I need validation.

Oh, and I totally got published in the Weekend Standard Magazine in the UK, which I am insanely delighted about.

Will do a proper blog post writing thing shortly, honest.


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