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Here’s The Thing: a new ranty column by me

Look, I rant a lot and often I need more space to rant than any sane person would let me do in a column. So now I’m taking things that I want to screed about in a larger format to … Continue reading

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The first week of the new column, and other things

Let’s have a little look-see at the way the week’s panned out. Morning, the Internet. Well, it’s been a week of the column at the Sydney Morning Herald’s site (and the affiliated national mastheads, about which I’m terribly excited). It’s … Continue reading

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There’s a new column in the world’s column-place!

As promised, last night was the triumphant launch of my new column What’s Going On at the Sydney Morning Herald, the column that one commentator accurately described as “like 10 Things”. And yes, that’s pretty much it. Just to quote a bit of … Continue reading

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10 Things: and that’s a wrap

Yes, after two years of early starts today I’ve handballed 10 Things at the Vine over to my pal Amy Gray, who is amazing and will do amazing things with it. And I’m missing it already because it’s been a … Continue reading

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Joe Hockey: Not Your Average Joe review

Originally published at the King’s Tribune, September 2014 What made Diamond Joe change from jovial, avuncular goof into angry, sulky goof? We asked Andrew P Street to read the Joe Hockey biography so that you wouldn’t have to. You’re welcome. Biographers, … Continue reading

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