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Here’s the Thing: So, Chinese companies now have more rights than you do

Originally published at The Vine, 26 November 2014 Who’d have thought a deal rushed through in secret might have a few worrying conditions attached? Trade has been enormously beneficial to the world –  at least, so long as you prefer … Continue reading

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One of those wildly overdue update things, with bonus explainer about governments

A special post for newcomers who are itching to tell me I’m a lefty jerk Hello, internet. You’re looking well. I’m not going to lie to you, friend: it’s been a busy old time. That’s mainly been because of my … Continue reading

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Here’s the Thing: Surveillance Laws Don’t Reduce The T-T-T-Terrorisms

Originally published at TheVine, 5 November 2014.  Are our new anti-terror laws necessary in order to protect us? Not if the US experience is any guide. Making loud noises about domestic security is a sure-fire way for a government to look … Continue reading

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