That playlist I mentioned in that Spotify piece…

Dear The Internet,

So, earlier this week I wrote a story about how the machines are going to destroy us all, or more specifically about how my special precious musical knowledge is now comprehensively outclassed by Spotify’s algorithms.

Not a dud track, frankly.

Not a dud track, frankly.

Anyway, a few people asked about the mighty wandering-around playlist I mentioned in the Spotify piece, and so if you were curious, that 2000+ song thing is here – and if you’re a regular View to the Street reader, you’ll suddenly realise just how often I secretly reference Guided by Voices in the column.

Also out this week in my weird writesmanship was a piece testing if I could become a wine expert in 24 hours, and a very silly thing about daylight savings. Oh, and a Daily Life piece about what men should think about before they start blithely calling themselves a feminist.

Incidentally, I’m gradually hunting down old, largely no-longer-on-the-web pieces that I liked and jamming them in the categories at the top of this page. For example, in the politics-bit there’s a resurrected piece from September 2013 about why a Tony Abbott government will be a good thing, which proves that I AM THE CASSANDRA OF AUSTRALIAN POLITICS.

In related news, I’m still neck-deep in my book on Australian music which involved watching the amazing and impossibly heartbreaking documentary 15 Minutes to Rock, a film about the not-overnight non-success of one of my all-time most beloved Australian bands, the Fauves.

And while watching them not find the audience which they are inarguably owed was agonising, it seemed like a fair excuse to play a song that, if we lived in a just universe, would be a global number one: ‘Self Abuser’.

I love the drop tuning, I love the cheeky Beatles dick-reference (“I got what I got and it’s mine”), and… look, it’s a perfect song. Turn it up and enjoy.

Yours ever,


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