This Page Is Still Barely Alive But There Are Better Places To Go

Hello, dear person trying to find me and/or my writing stuff.

This page is still sort-of alive, sure, but if you’re after words written by me there are better places to go. For example:

Andrew P Street’s Patreon page, where you can read all my regular rants about Australian politics two or three times a week! (And you can subscribe of course, that’d be lovely and much appreciated, but also a lot of it is free to read)

Andrew P Street on Facebook, which is updated pretty much daily!

Andrew P Street on Twitter, which is pretty sweary and again, very Australian-politics focussed but also has lots of unnecessary jokes in it!

Andrew P Street’s Authory page, which collects the various things I do for loads and loads and loads of different sites and magazines and newspapers and things, because there is a lot and it would be annoying to compile them physically because I am very disorganised!

Or you can get me through here. But those are likely to be more immediately useful.

You look great, by the way. That shirt really suits you.