The Double Disillusionists podcast

In May 2016 two very busy men with loads of other commitments inexplicably decided “hey, what say we do a weekly podcast about the upcoming federal election?”

Podcasts! They're the future (of talking things).

Podcasts! They’re the future (of talking things).

And thus was born The Double Disillusionists, where Dom Knight (broadcaster, author and Chaser alumnus) and Andrew P Street (columnist, politics-snarker, bon vivant) talk about the news of the week with a special, far more articulate and knowledgeable guest.

It’s free and entirely subscribable on iTunes, or you can jump onto the episodes on Soundcloud below, updated as they go live.

As no less an authority than the Prime Minister himself declared, “It’s never been a more exciting time to be an Australian [podcast listener].”

May 10: It’s on! (with Sean Kelly)

May 18: The Spirit of Tasmania (with Dan Ilic)

May 25: Dead Cats and Dodgy Broadband (with Alice Workman)

May 31: A Debate Without Winners (with Richard Cooke)

June 2: Bring out the Half Time Oranges! (with Dee Madigan)

June 14: Preferences, Privilege and Palmer (with Jacqueline Malley)

June 24: Scare Campaigns and Scomophobia

June 28: The Brexit Instability Crisis Disaster Episode (with Mark Humphries)

July 6: There’s Never Been A Better Time To Go To The Pub

August 12: We’re back!: Stop Making Census (with Alex Lee)

August 18: The Empirical Evidence for Squat Toilets (with Charles Firth)

October 12:  Can An Election Mend a Broken Heart (with Lee Zachariah) 

(By the way, the theme of said podcast is ‘End Credits’ by Career Girls)