10 Things: and that’s a wrap

Yes, after two years of early starts today I’ve handballed 10 Things at the Vine over to my pal Amy Gray, who is amazing and will do amazing things with it. And I’m missing it already because it’s been a huge part of my life. Between that and leaving Time Out it’s been a real time of… um, leaving objectively good writing gigs. That should have been a better metaphor, really.

However, the reason that I’ve stopped doing 10 Things is a good one – I’m still writing for TheVine (and for Time Out, for that matter), but I’m delighted to announced that my new column What’s Going On will debut on SUNDAY 21 SEPTEMBER on smh.com.au. Yes, my weird lefty ranty take on current events is hitting the mainstream!

(I believe it’ll also be on all the other Fairfax sites and mobile devices, incidentally.)

I am incredibly excited about this, not least because it involves not getting at up 5am. Oh, that is going to be BLISS.

In the meantime, here’s the last little while of 10 Things. Remember the good times, friends…

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