…And we’re back in the saddle

View from the Street returns, refreshed and a little annoyed that things weren’t all sorted out in its absence

Dear The Internet,

It’s been a frantic 2015 thus far, what with trying to write a book (still on track, by the way: hence my increasing caffeine intake over the last few months) and also – just to add more organisational stress to the process – getting married just over a week ago. Which was, by the way, the best.

Seriously, best day. How goddamn good to we look? Amazing. Photo by Anna Kucera

Seriously, best day. How goddamn good do we look? Amazing. Photo by Anna Kucera

Anyway, I’m almost certainly going to write something philosophical-slash-sentimental on the subject in the immediate future (after all, how often do you get to put a large proportion of the people you adore in the one room? There’s pretty much no other excuse to force people to travel from interstate and overseas to frock up and drink and dine with a bunch of folks whose only connection is that they have people they care about in common).

However, in the meantime please rest assured that I’m alive, a good deal more cash-free, still grinning like a loon and back to pumping out View from the Street for the good people of the Sydney Morning Herald Sun-Thurs after a little mini-honeymoon break. Which was also a freakin’ joy, by the way.

To that end, here’s Monday’s column in case you missed it and were thinking “I wonder if anyone in the Australian federal government has said anything sexist and/or xenophobic of late?” Spoiler: yep!

Anyway, there’s a book to be written and right now I’m going to go make some coffee for my wife. And yes, the novelty of using that word has not worn off.

Yours ever,