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Come to our live Double Disillusionists thing! Also, other stuff!

Dear the Internet, If you’re wondering whether the US election result is a bad thing or an absolutely catastrophic¬†thing for Australia, then you’re definitely going to want to come join The Double Disillusionists – myself and Mr Dom Knight – … Continue reading

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Supermoons aren’t that special – but the Moon absolutely is

Dear The Internet, Want to know a secret about supermoons? They’re not that rare, not that special, and not obviously different to normal moons unless you’re really familiar with what they look like normally. But here’s a secret about the … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Names I Have Falsely Claimed To Be Calling My Forthcoming Child

Dear The Internet, One of the¬†simple joys about impending fatherhood, aside from hoping that my child will be born independently wealthy, has been responding to questions from friends, family and impertinent strangers as to whether or not we’ve settled on … Continue reading

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