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A guide to not giving women ‘the wrong idea’

First published at Daily Life, 28 August 2013 It’s so difficult these days to know whether or not you’re flirting with someone. You might think that it might be fairly obvious whether you’re sexfully interested in a person, but it … Continue reading

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A 99 page manual on how to date this guy

Originally published at Daily Life, 11 August 2013 The phrase “too much information” gets thrown around so much that it’s lost all meaning. Knowing your friend has had sex? TMI. Your partner had a nasty bathroom visit after a late … Continue reading

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Mayor blames city for his sexual misconduct

Originally published in Daily Life, 6 August 2013 You know what? It’s just so gosh-darn hard to be a powerful man in 2013. There are all these rules about how one should and should not interact with people and it’s … Continue reading

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