Newcastle Writers Festival! A New Home City! And Other Stuff!

Dear The Internet,

So anyway, we live in Adelaide now. More accurately, I’ve lived here for a few weeks after abandoning Sydney and writing scathing pieces about why m’family made the leap south-west (such as this one and also this one), and while much of the last little while has involved either unpacking boxes or ineptly building kit furniture, it’s all pretty lovely.

Look, it’s a classic for a reason.

I am, however, popping back presently to NSW in order to appear at the Newcastle Writers Festival to talk about m’book The Long and Winding Way to The Top: Fifty (Or So) Songs That Made Australia on Saturday 7 April: all the details are here. And if you’e not going to be there but you’d like a (signed and personalised) copy of the thing, you totally can get one – I’ll even mail it to you! Using the post!

And I’m writing this from the airport as I zip down to Hobart to, ahem, make some music with the Majestic Horses, the band of which I am a third along with Kate “her out of the Holy Soul” Wilson and Kellie “she from Screamfeeder” Lloyd. I am, as that makes clear, the minor third.

And there’s a bit of other news to announce but… y’know what? I’ll get to that in a bit. But in the meantime, if you don’t already subscribe to m’Patreon column or follow me on Twitter or Facebook you… um, can. You know, if you fancy it.

Anyway, must pop over to that plane and get ready to play me some bass. Will update again, honest.

Yours ever,