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…and that’s when I realised I was being tailed by security

This was originally written for Confession Booth at the World Bar, April 2012. I presented it again at the Sydney Film Festival’s ‘True Lies’ in 2013. The site that used to house the old Confession Booth has expired, and I particularly like … Continue reading

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May as well do a little update on Things What I’ve Written Lately

Morning, internet. You’re looking spiffy. So, I’m into my final week before going 100% freelance and feeling inexplicably good about it. I’m getting very suspicious about it – like maybe I know something I don’t. I’ve been at Time Out Sydney … Continue reading

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Is Morrissey’s new album the worst thing he’s ever done, or just the worst thing ever?

NOTE: As so often happens in my day to day life, I started a conversation that ended in a 900 word article. Uncharacteristically, though, I couldn’t find someone to buy the thing and so instead I present it to you, … Continue reading

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Scott Morrison and the Conveniently Comforting Doctrine of Predestination

Originally published in the Kings Tribune July 14, 2014 How can a Christian be complicit in incarceration, torture, and murder? With discomfiting ease, it turns out. Australia’s Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Scott Morrison is, as he regularly makes … Continue reading

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