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The Top 10 Names I Have Falsely Claimed To Be Calling My Forthcoming Child

Dear The Internet, One of the simple joys about impending fatherhood, aside from hoping that my child will be born independently wealthy, has been responding to questions from friends, family and impertinent strangers as to whether or not we’ve settled on … Continue reading

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That playlist I mentioned in that Spotify piece…

Dear The Internet, So, earlier this week I wrote a story about how the machines are going to destroy us all, or more specifically about how my special precious musical knowledge is now comprehensively outclassed by Spotify’s algorithms. Anyway, a few … Continue reading

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So, I’m working on a new book…

Dear the Internet, As the Game of Thrones-level drama plays out around the teetering towers of Turnbull Manse, I’m working on book #2 – and it’s all about… um, the last 40-odd years of Australian music. If you’ve come to … Continue reading

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The Beer Garden Principle of Online Discussions

Dear the Internet, I, like most of the world, am on social media. And I, like anyone who expresses an opinion and is on social media, have people feeling the need to tell me, a complete stranger, without any prompting, … Continue reading

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How To Address The Stupid Arguments Against Marriage Equality: a cut out and keep guide

Dear The Internet, One of the nice things about having a column is that I get to rant about stuff I think should be ranted about, but sometimes I just want to rant EVEN MORE. And the biggest thing that’s baffling … Continue reading

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So, you like buying books by people named me, right?

Dear The Internet, Since I’m now holding the contract in my trembling hands, I can now officially announce that I HAVE A CONTRACT FOR MY FIRST BOOK. Yes, I know: I also think I should have written one by now. … Continue reading

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“Politics isn’t a popularity contest”

Some statements are uttered so often that you no longer realise what utter bullshit they are It’s a cliché that politicians lie, but one of the most hilarious things that is said by pollies from all sides of the political spectrum … Continue reading

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