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Dear The Internet, In late February 2016 I finally convinced my editors at Allen & Unwin that I should absolutely write a follow up to The Short and Excruciatingly Embarrassing Reign of Captain Abbott, on the grounds that a) things were … Continue reading

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The Curious Story of Malcolm Turnbull is ALMOST HERE!

Dear the Internet, If you have been looking at the current nightmare of bad policy, internal discord in the Coalition, Liberal backbenchers openly contradicting their leader amid upper- and lower-house embarrassments and thinking “how the actual hell did Malcolm Turnbull … Continue reading

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Election time – and some book/podcast news!

Dear the Internet, Sure, this page’s less-then-stellar update schedule makes things look like they’ve been quieter than they’ve been. But there’s some stuff to talk about! Honest! No, really! To start with: if you’ve been thinking “I could really do … Continue reading

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A longish rant about the changes to the Senate Ballot, because WHAT COULD BE MORE EXCITING???

Dear the Internet, Because I don’t want to spend an entire View from the Street column delving into the minutia of the Senate ballot, I thought I’d put the thing here where reading it was rather more optional. And thank you, incidentally: … Continue reading

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“Politics isn’t a popularity contest”

Some statements are uttered so often that you no longer realise what utter bullshit they are It’s a cliché that politicians lie, but one of the most hilarious things that is said by pollies from all sides of the political spectrum … Continue reading

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A little Xmas song for the Australian front bench

…because something’s got to distract from our terrifying new immigration laws. The speculation about whether Hockey would be knifed in favour of Turnbull set my muse alight on wings of poetical gossamer, to the tune of ‘Let It Snow’. You know, … Continue reading

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One of those wildly overdue update things, with bonus explainer about governments

A special post for newcomers who are itching to tell me I’m a lefty jerk Hello, internet. You’re looking well. I’m not going to lie to you, friend: it’s been a busy old time. That’s mainly been because of my … Continue reading

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