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Just a little heads-up

Morning. You’re looking well. I just wanted to flag that there’s a thing up at my “other” site, Songs You Should Rediscover Today Because They Are Awesome, all about France Gall’s ‘Laisee Tomber les Filles’. Speaking of which, I now … Continue reading

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Are you worth your Cost Per Orgasm?

Originally published at Daily Life, 17 August 2014 Dear all women, The very notion of human value has a long and dignified history, until the first time someone swapped money for another human being over whose body they could exert … Continue reading

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Another temporary 10 Things while sites migrateā€¦

Yes, TheVine is tidying up the internets again so, in the interests of putting things in places they can be seen, here’s a sneaky 10 Things. Or you can read all my old 10 Things bits here. —- 10 Things: … Continue reading

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The Whirlpool

As my Facebook feed filled with people mourning the death of Robin Williams, seemingly by his own hand, I thought back to a conversation I had with my psychiatrist less than a week ago. I only see him every few … Continue reading

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A rogue 10 Things (until the Vine is successfully live again)

Friends, I take 10 Things very seriously and god knows it take long enough to write. So while The Vine is undergoing some technical rejiggery, here’s today’s column (at least until The Vine is backĀ live again). 10 Things: Awwww, did … Continue reading

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Malcolm Fraser interview

First published in Time Out Sydney, August 2014 Australia’s 22nd Prime Minister asks, how many dangerous ideas can one person have? Malcolm Fraser has been remarkably busy since leaving the Lodge in 1983. His legacy as PM is overshadowed by … Continue reading

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